By Louisa Rachedi for Ballett am Rhein

Articulated around seven distinct scenes, FIELDWORK examines the tensions that arise between the individual and the group. Apocalyptic, dystopian and futuristic, the piece zooms in onto an organism at the brink of implosion, its core functioning mechanisms challenged by individual needs of ownership and self-determination. 

Choreographer: Louisa Rachedi
Performers: Sonia Dvorak, Yuko Kato, Virgina Segarra-Vidal, Rashaen Arts, Philip Handschin, Friedrich Pohl, Alexandre Simoes, Eric White
Composer: Cliff Martinez
Lighting design: Franz-Xaver Schaffer
Dramaturgy: Caecilia Brenninkmeyer
Artistic advisors: Jan van de Weyer, Tillmann Franzen
FIELDWORK is a production by Ballett am Rhein