In a state of intrinsic motion the landscape grasps the unease of our state of mind. Whether distant or near, static or moving, one can find peace or anguish depending on our own immediate experience. This piece tries to reconstruct the very essence of a landscape, a distant scene, and let the viewer dive into his own self.

With this work, Martin Chaix wants to pay tribute to the inspirational approach of both John Cage and Merce Cunningham, whose experimentations transformed our own perception of time and space in music and dance.

In a dialogue with the musical composition, the choreography unfolds in contemplative and repetitive motions, recreating a remote scenery composed with brief human interactions and timeless pedestrian situations.

Choreographer: Martin Chaix
Performers: Louisa Rachedi & Martin Chaix
Costumes: Hélène Vergnes
Composer: John Cage
Lighting design: Garlef Kessler