In Residence at Banff Center for the Arts and Creativity - Canada

August, 2017

This Summer, Louisa was one of the five choreographers invited to attend The Creative Gesture - a two-weeks residency under the artistic leadership of Emily Molnar that gathered a collective of choreographers, composers/ musicians and dancers to investigate the dialogue between music and dance. 

David Breathnach
Thank you! 

June, 2017

A heartfelt thank you to our numerous contributors:

Eleonore & Egon Schawe, Eric White, Caecilia Knopp, Gabriele & Ralf Vogt, Mathilda Kochan, Susan T Kinney, Helen Clare Kinney, Feline van Dijken, Samuel Deniz Falcón, Jean-Sébastien Colau, Jutta Hilbert, Hans-Heinrich Grosse-Brockhoff, Ute Liesenfeld, Günther Dilly, Ann-Kathrin Adam, Arthur Stashak, Alban Pinet, Paul Calderone, Barbara Leigh, Julio Garcia-Bermudez and to all who wished to remain anonymous.

Thanks to your generosity, we were able to raise a total of 1,745 Euro towards Limbic Shift’s tour to Korea. We are incredibly grateful!

And a special mention to Hélène Vergnes, Karola Wittenburg, Tillmann Franzen, Garlef Kessler, Fabiana Simões de Souza & Ulrike Wörner. Thank you for contributing your precious time and expertise. 


David Breathnach
Work-in-progress Presentation

April, 2017

Limbic Shift presents DRESS REHEARSAL: a work-in-progress evening showcasing Martin Chaix and Louisa Rachedi’s new works In a Landscape & Chimera as well as a lecture by Dr. Ulrike Wörner.

Join us on

April 4, 2017 at 8pm

Barnes Crossing, Köln, Germany

Industriestraße 170
50999 Köln-Rodenkirchen

David Breathnach
Limbic Shift teams up with performer and choreographer Martin Chaix

March, 2017

Limbic Shift teams up with performer and choreographer Martin Chaix for the creation of two new works.

Martin and Louisa just started working on their new creations.

In a Landscape - Music: John Cage

In as state of intrinsic motion the landscape grasps the unease of our state of mind. Whether distant or near, static or moving, one can find peace or anguish depending on our immediate experience. The piece tries to reconstruct the very essence of a landscape, a distant scene, and let the viewer dive into his own self.

Chimera – Music: Harry Escott

Inspired by the eponymous mythical creature, the work ‘Chimera’ explores the enduring relationship between man and monster. Driven by themes of ambiguity, identity, and liminality, the duet questions mankind’s incessant desire to chart, categorize and differentiate all aspects of the world, often creating boundaries where there is none.